Volume 2005 / Issue 2
Kristína Žoldošová, Pavol Prokop
Causal attribution of school success investigated by Q-methodology
Klíčová slova: motivácia, kauzálna atribúcia školského úspechu, q-metodológia
Jazyk článku: anglicky
Causal attribution of school success investigated by Q-methodology
Keywords: motivation, causal attribution of school success, q-metodology
Language of article: english
The article discusses causal attribution of pupils` school success at the primary school level. These attributes influence a pupil`s measure of success in school more than real reasons of the success (or failure). That is why it is very important to diagnose pupils` preferred attributes and to create a suitable environment for changing the preference in a positive way. The research tries to deal with the problem of a science education environment by using q-methodology as a qualitative research tool of causal attribution diagnosis. By changing the learning environment (supporting science education by effective methods based on "learning-by-doing" through a science education center in the field) we discovered a change in preference of the attitude of school success as well. Higher motivation for science learning is as a result of positive change from uncontrollable attributes to controllable ones that are based just on pupils personality, their emotions, allowances, and effort.
Pavla Macháčková
Šikana ve školách - stále aktuální problém
Klíčová slova: šikana, oběť, agresor, prevence šikanování, výzkum
Jazyk článku: česky
Bullying in schools - still actual problem
Keywords: bullying, victim, aggressor, prevention of bullying, research
Language of article: czech
Bad names, humbling, threatening, beating. It is only imperceptible enumeration how can look like the ,,face" of bullying. What is as a matter of fact bullying? Why is so abundant at school? Which child can be a victim or an aggressor? What kind of defensive techniques aggressors use? Why aggressors maltreat victims? What are appearances and stages of bullying? How investigate bullying and how fight against bullying? What are the results of the research on bullying carried out at particular junior high schools? I will attempt to find the answers in this contribution.
Milan Kubiatko, Zuzana Haláková
Informačné a komunikačné technológie ako prostriedok vizualizácie vo vyučovaní biológie
Klíčová slova: vizualizácia, informačné a komunikačné technológie, učiteľ, biológia
Jazyk článku: slovansky
Information and communication technologies as device of visualisation in teaching of biology
Keywords: visualization, information and communication technologies (ICT), teacher, biology
Language of article: slovak
In our contribution we are focused on visualization through the information and communication technologies (ICT). It influences students´ interest in biology as teaching subject, students better understand biology curriculum, if they use ICT and teachers make biology curriculum more available using different forms of the visualization.
Zuzana Tichá
Recenze : Evropská vzdělávací politika : Programy, principy a cíle
Klíčová slova:
Jazyk článku: anglicky
Book review : Evropská vzdělávací politika : Programy, principy a cíle
Language of article: english