Volume 2007 / Issue 2
Zdeněk Bělonožník
Role vzdělávacího systému při reprodukci vrstvy inteligence v SSSR (20. - 80. léta)
Klíčová slova: přístup k vysokoškolskému vzdělání v SSSR, reprodukce vzdělanostních elit, regulace sociálního složení VŠ studentů, teorie beztřídní společnosti
Jazyk článku: česky
To the Problem of Reproduction of Class of "Intelligentsia" Through the Soviet Educational System
Keywords: access to university education in USSR, self-reproduction of class of intelligentsia, regulation of social composition of graduated students, theory of classless society
Language of article: czech
Aim of this article is to describe social mobility in USSR as a contradictory phenomenon. Although Soviet educational system was intended to control social composition of class of highly educated experts ("intelligentsia"), it was not able to prevent the latter from self-reproduction. Summarizing key evolutional phases of Soviet intelligentsia, author tries to confront the aimed measures of social and educational policy with their real impact. As it is shown in published statistical materials and outputs of sociological research, even a great number of various mechanisms favourising the proletariat youngsters during their educational process was not able to compensate their educational and cultural handicap gained in their family. Especially during the second half of USSR existence it was evident that children of highly educated people had much higher chance to repeat educational and professional carrier of their parents. That was not the case for descendants of working and farmer class. The described problem is concerned here in the context of the Soviet experiment of establishing classless society.
Pavol Prokop, Milan Kubiatko, Andrea Lešková
Postoje VŠ študentov k biotechnológiám
Klíčová slova: Postoje, biotechnológie, geneticky modifikované produkty, študenti vysokých škôl.
Jazyk článku: slovensky
College students´ attitudes toward biotechnology
Keywords: Attitudes, biotechnology, genetically modified products, college students.
Language of article: slovak
We investigated college students‘ attitudes toward biotechnology. Attitudes toward biotechnology were rather negative or neutral. Attitudes toward genetically modified plants were more positive than attitudes toward genetically modified animals. Knowledge of students significantly related with attitudes. However, biology majors showed similar attitudes than non-majors. Girls have more negative attitudes toward biotechnology in comparison with boys, irrespective whether they study biology or not.
Pavla Macháčková
Recenze: Šikana ve škole, na ulici, doma: Jak bránit své dítě.
Klíčová slova:
Jazyk článku: česky
Book Review : Šikana ve škole, na ulici, doma: Jak bránit své dítě.
Language of article: czech