Volume 2008 / Issue 2 - 3
Milan Kubiatko, Soňa Nagyová, Tibor Nagy
Postoje študentov gymnázií k počítačom
Klíčová slova: postoje k počítačom, študenti, dotazník, radosť z používania počítačov, obava z používania počítačov
Jazyk článku: slovensky
High school students´ attitudes toward computers
Keywords: attitudes toward computer, students, questionnaire, computer enjoyment, computer anxiety
Language of article: Slovak
The impact of information and communication technologies and computers on our daily lives has been steadily increasing. This state influences the change of attitudes toward computers. We focused on finding the differences between gender and age according to computer attitudes. A questionnaire with 34 Likert type items was used in our research. Items were taken over from Steve Kennewell and Alex Morgan. Items were modified on conditions of Slovak high schools. The sample consists of 659 students of 14 high schools. Students attended the first, the second, the third and the fourth grades of study. They were ages 15 – 19 years old. For the data evaluation we used the factor analysis and the ANOVA. The results of the questionnaire were divided into two dimensions, first was computer enjoyment and second was computer anxiety. In first dimension younger students and girls have positive attitudes. In the second dimension younger students and boys achieved higher score. Totally, girls have more positive attitudes than boys.
Ján Štubňa, Lucia Vreštiaková
Analýza prírodopisných filmov z hľadiska dostupnosti rôznych audiovizuálnych prostriedkov pre vyučovanie prírodovedných predmetov
Klíčová slova: prírodopisný film, audiovizuálny prostriedok, vyučovací proces, kino
Jazyk článku: slovensky
Analysis of natural-science movies from aspect of availability of the various audio-visual tools in the natural history courses
Keywords: natural-science movie, audio-visual tool, education, cinema
Language of article: Slovak
Teacher has many alternatives for using audio-visual tools in education. In this paper we have reviewed history of natural-science movies and their integration into everyday’s life. Annotations of some movies, witch were screened in Slovak cinemas since 1994, are also mentioned. A possible application of natural-science movies by using different audio-visual tools is discussed.
Lucie Zormanová
Srovnání aktivity chlapců a dívek ve výuce Občanské výchovy na ZŠ
Klíčová slova: pohlaví, gender, vzdělávání, občanská výchova, aktivita, pedagogická interakce a komunikace
Jazyk článku: česky
Comparison of boys´and girls´ activity in civics instruction at basic school
Keywords: sex, gender, education, civics, activity, teacher-pupil interaction and communication
Language of article: Czech
I compare activity of boys and girls in civics instruction at second stage of basic school and teacher-pupil interaction and communication of the teacher with boys and girls in the process of school teaching (the influence of the teacher on the activity of boys and girls). I mean that an activity is how many times a pupil (boy or girl) say something in a tuition of civics, how long his/her address takes and I also describe a contents of the address. To achieve appointed goal which should lead method of standardized observation, technique of interactive analysis, resulting from the system of observation categories of N.A. Flanders and K.S. Taber. In my research I prove that boys are more active than girls in civics instruction and more often enter a conversation about current subject matter in lessons. in my research; however there was only a very small difference in teacher’s prompting girls and boys to communicate about the subject matter in a lesson.
Kateřina Crháková
Recenze: Písemky z matematiky gymnázia
Klíčová slova: matematika, písemky, kniha, recenze
Jazyk článku: česky
Book Review: Písemky z matematiky pro gymnázia
Keywords: mathematic, test, book, rewiev
Language of article: Czech
Květoslav Bártek
Recenze: Základy kvantitativního šetření
Klíčová slova: výzkum, kvantitativní, monografie, recenze
Jazyk článku: česky
Book Review: Základy kvantitativního šetření
Keywords: research, quantitative, book, rewiev
Language of article: Czech